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Personal Insurance Cover

Personal Insurance protects the things in life you’ve worked hard to earn and covers you in case of accident or mishap providing peace of mind for you and your family. You want to be adequately covered and importantly, you want to know your insurer will be there when you need it most, handling your claim quickly and without fuss.

Robinson Insurance will assist you in identifying the best selection of covers for your situation, which means you will be covered for your local conditions and circumstances, and you won't pay for cover you don't need. Importantly, we'll make sure you have a practical understanding of how each of our covers will protect you - that way you'll be able to make an informed decision about which combination is best for you.

Robinson Insurance also provides the flexibility to choose so that you will have a tailored personal insurance policy which responds to your unique requirements.

We take the time to listen to you, ask you about your specific needs to make sure you obtain the right type, and adequate amount of personal insurance. We offer a wide range of high quality broad cover, or an online no-frills cover option, along with competitive pricing and personalised service.

Home and Contents Insurance

Home and Contents Insurance provides cover for your residential building, and the contents inside your home within the one policy.

Choose from two flexible options that can be tailored to your needs to help you select the right level of cover for you:

  • Listed Events (standard level cover) - covers building and contents against listed defined events & cover for specified & unspecified personal valuables if required.
  • Accidental Damage (high level cover) - covers everything that Listed Events does, including cover for accidental damage or loss to your contents anywhere in Australia, with higher coverage limits for valuables.

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Landlord Insurance

Landlord Insurance provides cover for your investment property. Insurance can give you peace of mind and confidence that your property will be looked after should something go wrong.

Choose from flexible options that can be tailored to your needs to help you select the right level of cover for you:

  • Cover for fire, theft, storms and more.
  • Optional additional cover for rent default and theft by tenant.

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Motor Vehicle Insurance

Whether it’s your ultimate dream car, or your family’s daily runabout, your car is probably amongst your most important possessions so it pays to protect it from the unexpected.

Robinson Insurance provides three levels of Motor Vehicle Insurance to ensure the right level of cover for your needs:

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance: provides the broadest level of protection – including loss and damage to your own vehicle as well as damage you cause to another person’s vehicle.
  • Third Party Fire and Theft: provides cover for a lower value vehicle, but still want protection against fire and theft (also provides cover for any damage you cause to other vehicles).
  • Third Party Property Damage Insurance: the most basic cover that protects against the damage you may cause to another person’s vehicle.

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Travel Insurance

Traveling can be an amazing experience and we hope you enjoy every part of your trip. We have a range of plans to suit your travel needs.

Robinson Insurance provides different levels of Travel Insurance to ensure the right level of cover for your needs. Some of the things we cover include:

  • Trip Cancellation: Airport closed? Can’t go on your trip? Have to return home early? We offer unlimited cover for cancellation costs.
  • Medical Help: If you become sick or seriously injured on your trip, we provide unlimited cover for medical treatment, cancellation costs or additional travel expenses.
  • Lost or Stolen Luggage: Your belongings are covered for valuable items such as a laptop, tablet or camera.

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Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance